Internal Market

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We have more than 5 varieties of honey, each bearing the name of the tree whose flowers provide the nectar to the bees for them to make. Each variety has well differentiated characteristics and colors.

External Market

Miel de Monte exports to more than ten countries distributed around the globe. Year after year, containers are sent to Europe, North America and Asia, complying with the certifications and requirements that each country requires.

Our Certifications

About the Product

The certification "Without TACC" shows that honey is suitable for celiacs. The "Kosher" seal indicates that this product respects the precepts of the Jewish religion. And the "Non GMO" certification shows that the bees have not taken nectar from genetically modified flowers.


The certification of "OIA" indicates that the honey is organic, and that it was elaborated under a system of free production of agrochemicals; thus favoring the sustainability of natural resources. The "Argentine Foods" Seal is a quality mark that distinguishes the foods that are produced in the country with a differentiated quality.

External Market

These stamps indicate that the product is suitable for export to Canada, the US and the countries of the European Union respectively. These international stamps also indicate the organic condition of honey.

The Company


Miel de Monte is a family business that produces organic honey in the Impenetrable Chaqueño. Since 1991, it has been operating in El Sauzalito, a town located 300km inland from the Impenetrable Chaqueño.
El Sauzalito is a space where the native wichí people coexist with “westerners”, in a rich and complex process of inter-ethnic relations.

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